Eden Snower

Eden has done ballet ever since she was a baby and continued doing it once a week, while being a gymnast for most of her childhood. Eden did gymnastics competitively for five years and reached level seven, making it a huge part of her life—her experience with gymnastics still plays a role in her dancing today. While Eden started competitive dance in sixth grade with the Glencoe Park District, it wasn’t until eighth grade where she danced as my main focus instead of gymnastics. Eden danced at a studio called Soul2Soul for two years before making my high school’s hip hop/poms dance team freshman year. She practices with her dance team four to five times a week, performing during halftime at basketball and football games, as well as at competitions. Eden is also a part of two dance companies at Supreme Dance Studio, a hip hop company called Super Me and contemporary team called Axis. Beyond this, she takes class at Visceral Dance Center whenever she gets the chance to, and was also involved with a program called Dance Theater New Trier at her school. Eden’s time with dance carries a lot of variety, from when she competed as a gymnast to ballet lessons, competitive dance, joining a hip hop and poms team, as well as practicing other styles such as jazz and contemporary. She hopes to maintain this variety as she choreographs, allowing influences from all points of her dance career to impact what she creates.