Kalista Roling

Kalista Roling is a seventeen year-old performer from Lockport, IL. She is currently attending school at Joliet Junior College where she plans to double major in Journalism and Dance. She has 15 years of dance training and 5 years of musical theare expererience. She is currently emplyed as a resident choreographer for the Joliet Drama Guild, choreographer for Joliet Central High school, and as a dancer on the pre-professional performance company at Wings Dance Studio. In addition, Kalista is a 3rd-year actress at HellsGate Haunted House of Zombie Army Productions, where she first encountered Jordanne Pelkey's work. Pelkey has always been an extremely influential part of Kalista's growth as a performer, human being, and artist and truly heped Kalista branch out of her comfort zone, helping her on her personal journey towards contemporary dance pieces such as perdition.