Mina Seals

At the age of three Mina began taking gymnastics classes and loved it. She continued gymnastics all the way through sixth grade, eventually competing in small home competitions with her team. When she realized that her favorite part of gymnastics was the dance-like choreography of the floor routines, Mina decided to try taking dance classes. She began taking a few a week at her local park district in fifth and sixth grade, but seriously started dancing after she stopped gymnastics. Mina danced six days a week at Foster Dance Studios in Evanston, and took ballet classes twice a week at the Evanston School of Ballet. She joined her first dance competition team in eighth grade, and when her dance teacher of three years decided to open her own dance studio, Karisma Dance Company (KDC), she readily followed her. Now, Mina is a junior on her high school's competitive dance team, as well as a hip hop instructor at KDC. This past year she has also been lucky enough to choreograph a jazz routine for a competition team at Karisma, as well as choreograph a jazz duet. Dance has meant so much to Mina the past few years, and she’s so happy to be able to further her relationship with it as she continues to choreograph and teach, hopefully inspiring a younger generation of dancers as she goes.